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Philosophy & Experience

Experience has taught us that integrity and work ethics are of essence to our customers, an attitude that promotes genuine and valuable business relationships.

To maintain a clear view of the challenges ahead, it is imperative to be well prepared and therefore, our motto is: “CHOOSE THE RIGHT TOOLS, THE RIGHT PEOPLE AND THE RIGHT APPROACH!

NofSco will be a standard by which other business in the Oil Industry will measure their performance. Our hallmarks will be the innovation, initiative and the teamwork of our staff and employees and their ability to anticipate and rapidly and effectively to respond to our customer’ needs.
Why use NofSco?
Flexibility & Efficiency

The flexibility and efficiency are delivered by an outstanding team of MWD/LWD Operators, Directional Drillers and Projects Management personnel with world-wide experience.
Our aim is “ creative thinking” at the same time as we maintain a clear, consistent and effective approach to plan, develop and successfully execute our customers’ needs and requirements.

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